DO try this at home! Join these Hudson Valley groups to experiment with making foods, crafts, and rhythms from their various cultures.

En serio, ¡pruébalo! Sea parte de estos grupos del Valle Hudson para experimentar con las comidas, las manualidades, y los ritmos de cada una de sus culturas.


A dish of collard greens with the words on top "Collard Greens An African American Dish Harambee"

Harambee is a mid-Hudson valley coalition that supports and promotes the strength of our community through cultural and educational events that enriches the lives of youth and adults. Its projects include the ongoing effort to protect and restore the Pine Street African Burial Ground, and Kingston's African-American Cultural Festival.

A plate of traditional Ukranian dumplings on a tablecloth setting

How to make Ukrainian Varenyky. Established in 1925, the Ukrainian National Women’s League of America (UNWLA) is the longest-running and largest Ukrainian women’s organization in the US. Its mission: uniting women of Ukrainian descent and affiliation in service, friendship and dedication in order to promote and develop educational and cultural efforts and humanitarian assistance to Ukrainians worldwide.

A brief history of the origins of Bomba in Puerto Rico and its Africa heritage by Pablo Shine of Sabor Latino.

Grab a drum (or use the table!) and learn how to Bomba from Pablo Shine.

A basic lesson in Bachata, which is a genre of Latin American music that originated around the 1960's in The Dominican Republic. The related dance became very popular in the last 2 decades all around the world. It's a very basic dance that has branched into different styles (Sensual, Urban, Dominican among other fusions). In this short video, you will be able to learn the basics and be ready to shine on the dance floor. Instructor Maia Martinez of Dojo Dance Company. Videographer: David Salvatierra

A group of students standing on a staircase outside of a building, holding a sign which reads "Adelante Student Voices"

Adelante Student Voices’ mission is to support undocumented students in upstate New York on their unique journeys to higher education, while simultaneously building their self-advocacy so that they can increase educational opportunities and advance social justice within their communities.

Diane Colello shows how to make blintzes, a type of cheese-filled Jewish crepe associated with the Spring holiday of Shavuot.
The Jewish Federation of Ulster County is the umbrella organization serving the secular needs of the local Jewish community. It supports area food banks and other social welfare initiatives, providing needed help for all, regardless of religious affiliation. The Jewish Federation is proud of the fact that both the Reher Center for Immigrant Culture and History and the Kingston Multicultural Festival had their beginnings as projects of our organization and enjoy our continuing support.

Here's a taste of the Ulster County Italian-American Foundation, which is dedicated to preserving, promoting and celebrating the rich culture Italian Americans share in Ulster County. The Ulster County Italian American Foundation was founded in 2015. With a rich history of working and living in Ulster County, many Italian American families immigrated through Ellis Island to Kingston, New York and surrounding towns in search of making a living and leaving the poverty in the old country. This migration lasted for 50 years and during that time, economic fortunes improved and families settled in to a wonderful life in Ulster County. Video by Paula Mitchell


And here are more activities to try from around the world.

Beginner Henna Painting (Mehndi). How to apply Henna for Beginners.

History of Henna and Mehndi.

Make a Chinese dragon mask.

How to make a pinata.

History of the pinata.

History and how to make Ukrainian Christmas Ornaments.

How to make a Jewish dreidl.

How to play Dreidl.

Bitterballen is one of the most commonly enjoyed Dutch treats. These fried treats from the Netherlands, crunchy and flavorful, are great with any beverages.

How to make a Native American Dream Catcher.

Meaning of a Dream Catcher.

Making a German Alpine hat.

How to make Celtic Knot jewelry.

History of Celtic Knots.

How to make an Origami Jumping Frog.

Making African mudcloth in Burkina Faso.

History and making mudcloth.

How to make an Origami Jumping Frog.