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Four dancers in traditional red costumes and boots on a stage outside

The Hopak is the national dance of Ukraine and its most famous dance with its colorful Cossack style costumes, energetic dance steps and the acrobatic jumps and maneuvers.

This dance is from the Zakarpatia Region of South Western Ukraine. It is a lively dance accompanied by the sopilka (flute) and skrypka (violin) of the region.

Lemkivsky is from the Lemko region of North Western Ukraine. It features intricate dance steps and the sounds of the Duda (bag pipe) and Buban (drums) of the region.

Tsvitka Ukrainian Dance Academy focuses on elements of character dance, choreography and classical ballet to present dances from Ukrainian Culture. The dancers in the academy establish a strong foundation for a lifetime of dance and cultural appreciation. Andrij Cybyk is a renowned professional dancer, teacher, and choreographer in the Ukrainian community, and his students gain outstanding skills, discipline, energy, and confidence under his guidance. The academy is open to children of all ages and dancing experience.