New Progressive Baptist Church

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Minister teaching from a stage standing in front of “Praise Him” image

Liturgic dance is a form of praise and worship. It is simply expressing joyous praise, moving to song. New Progressive has been blessed throughout the years to have both our youth as well as older adults dancing before the Lord. Just as King David was engaged in praise, as he exuberantly danced before the ark of God in 2 Samuel 6:14. And, what a blessing to see or babies, Ava and Zylah, creating the moves for the next generation of New Pro’s Praise Dancers!

At the conclusion of service in November 2016, one of our young people asked the church to take part in the Mannequin Challenge on Social Media. It was an offer New Progressive could not refuse. Young and old, pastor and parishioners gladly rose to the occasion, freezing our worship experience for just a moment in time.

The New Progressive Baptist Church is a vibrant multi-cultural community of believers.

Our focus is on the spiritual growth and development of our congregation. Additionally, New Progressive is engaged in community activism, including social and restorative justice issues.  New Progressive has hosted several community forums to encourage positive engagement with the school district and to improve community-policing relationships.

New Progressive is proud to have been integral in the formation of community institutions such as Juneteenth, Circle of Brothers, Harambee and the Pine Street African Burial Ground.