Indian Classical Music and Dance Showcase

We are showcasing an ensemble of Indian classical music and dance. In this video, we present a combination of carnatic vocal music, weaved with intricate rhythmic patterns on the Mridangam, an Indian percussion instrument, augmented with expressive movements and footwork in the Kuchipudi dance style, a South Indian classical dance form.

The dance is choreographed and performed by Sahana Natesan, accompanied on Vocal by Preetha Natesan and on percussion by Sanjay Natesan. The dance is called Pushpanjali. It is an invocation item in the dance repertoire, where the dancer seeks blessings of god and offers respects to the guru, musicians, and audience by offering flowers. Audio and Video support was provided by Natesan Venkateswaran.​

The Natesan Family has been performing together for many years as Sahana and Sanjay gain expertise through their respective performance categories of dance and percussion.