Dojo Dance

"Dojo Dance Company" in red, black, and white letters, links to performer's website
Tango dip performed by man in suit and womain fancy blue dress in a large, dark ballroom

The first dance is a Rueda de Casino, a salsa style derived from Cuban music and dance. The dancers perform the figures that "the caller" calls. As the figures are performed the dancers rotate partners. It is a wonderful dance for the community, is inclusive and fun! The second dance is "Salsa On 1" also Latin rhythm. This style became very famous in "Los Angeles" and is named after the city.

MUSIC: Rumbeando by Berna Jam / Quinto Sabroso by New Swing Sextet Dancers: Veronica Martinez, Pam Gerson, Lucas Fesko, Vilma Morales, Allen Holloway, Veronica Martinez, David Salvatierra & Maia Martinez (Videographer: Veronica Martinez).

Argentine Folk Fusion, Argentine Tango, and Milonga. These dances and music belong to Argentina. These 3 pieces have been choreographed for the stage and contained elements that aren't part of traditional or popular dance. The first dance is a Zamba fusion whose essence resides on the dancers conquering each other. The handkerchief is used to express, communicate, and insinuate. The second segment is Argentine Tango, in which passion, intricate moves, and sensuality are key. The third is a Milonga, a dance at the root of the tango but it is more playful, joyful, has a very distinctive upbeat that tends to be more rhythmic than tango.

Music by Sexteto Milonguero (Videographer: Joseph Donato) Dancers: Maia Martinez & David Salvatierra and: Video 3 Instructor Maia Martinez (Videographer: David Salvatierra)

The Dojo Dance Company is a dance school located in Hudson Valley that performs and teaches Argentine Tango, Latin Rhythms & Martial Arts. Our main goals are to share cultural values (such as Music, Folk, traditions, Language), create community through dance, and improve one’s lifestyle by inspiring people to move & engage socially.

Dojo Dance Company was established in 2011 in the United States but it's directors were teaching in Argentina since 1999. Dojo Dance Company also hosts the only existing Tango Festival in the State of New York. This Festival is held annually in Kingston NY.