Mid-Hudson Chinese Community Association

Ten dancers wearing red carrying large green folding fans

The Scent of Spring 芬芳花季 (2012) Spring is an extremely popular theme in Chinese folk dance and people in different geographical regions rejoice in spring through dances of diverse styles. “Scent of Spring” represents the Chinese dance style in the southeastern coastal area. The dance celebrates the fragrant blossoming season, which is also a traditional metaphor for the beauty of young maidens.

The Melody of the Rain 雨之韵 (2014) The origin of umbrella dances can be traced to the Han Dynasty (206 BC – 220 AD) in China, where beautifully designed umbrellas were used to add a joyous atmosphere to festivals. Today umbrella dances are popular throughout the country and has different styles. “The Melody of the Rain” is a traditional style dance. Through graceful movements and varying patterns of the umbrellas, this dance celebrates the melodious beauty of the spring rain.

Yi Dance: You Are a Ballad 彝族舞蹈:你是一首歌 (2018) The Yi people is one of China’s oldest ethnic groups and their love for singing and dance is legendary. With a unique style and colorful costumes, the Yi dance is well-known for its vibrant rhythms and energy. As you will see in the flamboyant movements, the Yi people “dance out” their feelings in all occasions of daily life, whether at a celebration or facing hardship. The dance piece presented today depicts the beautiful lives of the Yi women, which, as the title of the dance indicates, are like a hearty ballad.

Mid-Hudson Chinese Community Association Dance Group (MHCCA Dance Group) The MHCCA Dance Group is a non-profit organization affiliated to the Mid-Hudson Chinese Community Association. Formed in 2000, the group introduces Chinese culture to American audiences in the local area through dancing performances. It also plays an instrumental role in enriching the cultural activities of the MHCCA members. The current coordinators of the group are Xiaoyun Huang and Yiping Yao. The dances performed by the group have been choreographed and taught by Shuliang Chen and Peipei Qiu, based on Chinese folk music and dances.