Caprice Rouge

"Caprice Rouge" in red letters, links to performer's website
Band members with instruments and fedora hats or newsboy caps

A fall gathering at the Rail Trail Cafe in Rosendale; as the “Klezmer Band” in the Vassar College production of the Cherry Orchard; onstage at Woodstock’s Colony; an evening in the Woodstock Library Series; a summer afternoon at the Rail Trail with friends; and Kingston's ArtBar with dancers.

Bubbamara, composed by Goran Bregovic, from the soundtrack for the 1998 Serbian Romantic black comedy, Black Cat, White Cat (Crna mačka, beli mačor), composed by Goran Bregovic. Bubbamara means ladybug in Southern Slavid languages. From a performance at Colony in Woodstock, NY.

Djelem Djelem is often referred to as the national anthem of the Roma people. Composed by Žarko Jovanović , is a soleful tune with a lot of heart. From a performance at the  Rail Trail Cafe, Rosendale, NY

Opa Cupa, is a classic “boy gets all the girls except the one he really wants” story composed by  Roma Serbian Sabon Bajramovic, From a performance on Clearwater summer afternoon cruise on the Hudson River

Karagouna is a flirtatious couples’ dance from the plains of Thessaly. A social dance in which the men dance in a line behind a line of women, it was an opportunity for young people to get acquainted while dancing in the village square after church. The name comes from the Turkish word “kara” (black), describing women’s clothing. From a performance at 2019 Rosendale Street Festival.

Caprice Rouge is an acoustic ensemble from the Mid-Hudson Valley of New York State playing Balkan, Roma-Gypsy and Klezmer dance tunes! Performing on traditional instruments including accordion, violin, bouzouki, gypsy jazz guitar, clarinet, and percussion, the band is happy to play for dancers, revelers, and listeners at taverns and cafes, festivals and farmers’ markets, at weddings and other celebrations!

Caprice Rouge is: Laura Wilson Crimmins, fiddle, vocals; Karen Levine, clarinet, percussion, vocals; Elena Erber, accordion and vocals; Sean Crimmins, bouzouki, gypsy jazz guitar; and AnnMarie Tedeschi, percussion, vocals