Amadou Diallo

A drum with dark blue background, links to performer's Facebook page
Drummer in black and white African dress carrying two drums standing outside

Senegalese master drummer Amadou Diallo introduces himself, his wife Mary, and the drums they will demonstrate, the djembe and the dundun. They play these drums to present a rhythm from Guinea, yamama.

Amadou explains how he made his gongoma and uses it to accompany his song about a little boy in Africa who is also named Amadou.

Amadou explains how he became a drummer and learned from the many drumming traditions surrounding his Fulani people. He explains how he made his stringed took singala, and then he and his wife, Mary, play their djembe and dundun drums.

Amadou Diallo is a percussionist from Senegal West Africa, he has made his home in the Hudson Valley since 2001. Amadou enthusiastically shares his culture with children and adults, since arriving he’s done hundreds of performances, workshops, presentations and classes on West African culture and traditional African rhythms. He has done this for both independently in collaboration with and as a guest artist with other area groups and performers. Amadou teaches children in the TOPs program in the Kingston city school district and has an ongoing adult class in the Living Seed Yoga studio in New Paltz, New York. Amadou‘s classes are in the Djembe tradition and feature hand drums and large stick drums called Dun Duns.